Ridiculously Simple Ways To Save On Energy Bills

There are so many ways that homeowners can save energy from simply switching off lights once you leave a room to look for low usage logos when buying new appliances. But, do these methods really work? Yes, they do.  Every single step one takes to minimize power consumption saves them money. But not only that, it helps reduce the impact your home creates on the environment. How? Most electricity comes from burning coal, which emits greenhouses gases. If every person in the UK decided to use a more energy-efficient bulb, for instance, this impact would be way less. Here are four ways an individual can save on energy.

  1. Change Your Light Bulb

Most traditional incandescent light bulbs consume so much electricity. You should consider replacing them with more energy-saving bulbs like Halogen incandescent bulbs, compact fluorescent lights or light-emitting bulbs. These kinds use between 25%-80% less electricity and last 3-25 times longer than traditional bulbs. Although these latest bulbs are expensive, they’ll save you in the long run since they’re energy-efficient and last longer.

  1. Switch Your Energy Supplier

If you’re yet to switch your supplier, you’re missing out on an excellent way of reducing electricity bills. Fixed deals take about three years or less. If one doesn’t do something once they’ve expired, they’ll be moved automatically to their company’s standard or tariff, which is an expensive deal. Research says that homeowners could save up to £169 in a year just by switching to the cheapest deals available.

But for someone who has already switched up their supplier, they can opt for paperless billing since some companies charge additional fees for paper bills. Or they can choose a deal where they have the same supplier for gas and electricity as that is usually cheaper.

  1. Use Your Thermostat Wisely

Did you know that reducing room temperatures just by 1 ºC can reduce one’s electricity bills by £75 per year? Yes, your thermostat keeps your home warm. But use it effectively. For instance, an individual can:

  • Wear a jumper before they turn on the heating
  • Heat only the rooms they need warm
  • Set different temperatures for rooms in their house

With these controls, one can keep their homes to desirable temperatures without wasting energy. Also, you should invest in a smart thermostat. Since, it lets you operate remotely and will help you save money by adjusting some settings.

  1. Insulate Your Pipes

Energy is needed for heating your water. But, some of this heat can be lost through pipes as water travels from heaters to your taps. The same also applies to HVAC systems. Much heat is lost through uninsulated pipes. Therefore, heaters will heat more to replace this lost heat and bring temperatures to the desired level. If this continues, much energy will be used.

Homeowners should, therefore, consider pipe lagging. Pipe insulation is not difficult, and its effects are long-lasting. Insulated pipes conserve more heat, which means, heaters won’t strain. Pipe lagging is relatively cheap and saves much energy.

These tips will help you cut down on electricity bills. But, it’s also wise that someone understands their energy bills by investing in a smart meter. Again, avoid living your gadgets on standby. Plus, consider installing a showerhead that’s water efficient.