When to Consider Using a Portable Garage Heater

So many of us enjoy working in our garage or shop, but all that changes when the weather turns cold. Do we simply have to stop working during the winter months? Or is there another option? If you want to be in your garage or shop during the colder months of the year, you are going to need some type of heat. Read on to learn about your options to heat your shop or garage so that you can be productive all year round.

One option is to invest in an installed garage heater, or a small stove like the ones sold on Stoves 4 Life. There are reasons to do so. If you are especially concerned about safety, or if you making your living from your garage or shop, this might be a wise investment. Unfortunately, this is a very expensive approach. You will probably have to spend well over $500 for an installed unit. With the larger units, it will take at least two people to install them. You also have to worry about the electric load on your system, ventilation, safety, fire hazards, and some other issues that you might not want to have to deal with.

A cheaper and better option for most people will be a portable garage heater. The big advantage of these types of heaters is that they do not have to be installed. With a portable heater, you simply plug it in and let it heat without all these stressful issues.

The type of heat that comes from these heaters can be to your advantage. Most use what is called radiant heat or infrared heat. This means that you can spot heat objects in the room. If you are working in the corner of a larger shop, the objects in the path of the heater will be hot. Larger units will heat the air in the entire room. Spot heating is much more efficient because you don’t have to heat all the air in the room heated. It’s also quicker to heat certain locations – you start to feel warm in minutes versus waiting 15 to 30 minutes for all the air to heat up.

If you are going to be working in your garage or shop all day and moving around the room, then a portable heater won’t work as well for you. In this case it would be better to invest in an installed unit that will heat the air in the room up.

It is possible to work in your shop or garage all year long. Consider your options for installed and portable heaters, and then enjoy your space without shivering!