Why Choose a Bean Bag Sofa?

Although many people are well aware that giant bean bag chairs exist, most are surprised to learn that they are available as full-size sofas as well. Then, there are some who still believe that beanbags are only available as those medium-sized vinyl balls that everyone had back in the 70s.

Bean bag sofas have suddenly become the talk of the furniture world for a long list of reasons. Have you ever sat in a giant bag of foam beans and felt yourself melt, not wanting to ever get up again? Now, just think of how you would feel if your entire body was cradled in comfort! That’s what foam furniture has to offer, unparalleled comfort!

Who could have ever predicted that a piece of furniture so unbelievably simple would be recommended by doctors and psychiatrists decades later? Since bean bag sofas support every inch of your spine, they promote better posture, reduce neck and back pain and eliminate headaches. Not to mention, since they are so inviting to your body, they even invoke relaxation and can reduce stress levels. Some medical professionals are even adding them to their offices to help patients relax.

Are they Really Full Size?

Some people think of giant bean bag chairs assume that they are the same thing as a sofa but they’re not. Although they do make these types of chairs large enough to accommodate a couple of people, bean bag sofas are shaped quite differently. They look pretty much like any other sofa, rectangular or oblong, allowing several people and pets to sit side-by-side or you can take up the entire thing yourself by lying down.

More Benefits

One of the greatest benefits offered by these types of chairs and sofas is that quality ones will have removable, machine-washable zippers. Instead of renting a furniture cleaner to try to get your traditional couch looking new again, all you have to do is unzip the cover, toss it in the wash and put it back on when it’s dry.

This means that spills, dirty fingers, muddy paws and animal hair can easily and quickly be removed. For this reason, bean bag sofas are ideal for medical rooms, dorms, and large kid’s rooms or play areas.

Lastly, beanbag furniture doesn’t break down from sitting in the same place all the time so you never have to worry about dips in your couch. You will always be able to find comfort, no matter where you sit on it!