Wall Panel Heaters Are Energy Efficient and Cost-Effective

I recently visited a friend who has panel heaters in her home, and I was amazed at the amount of heat they are capable of throwing out, and how little energy they use. She and her husband are absolutely thrilled with their purchase and are always talking about them, so I thought I would go and see for myself.

Each heater is slim and elegant, taking up very little space yet providing an enormous amount of heat. We are so used to putting the central heating on in winter and leaving the thermostat to control the environment, that we seldom think about the waste, as bedrooms and other parts of the house that are not in use during the day, are still being heated unnecessarily. We turn the heating down low at night because we do not want our bedrooms too warm, so why then do we heat them all day long? It is different for families that have young children who are likely to be playing in their bedrooms throughout the day, but grown children and adults are generally out at school or work until the evening. My friend started with a panel heater in the living room; to provide extra heat when sitting around in the evening, but she found it so efficient that she decided to buy more, and now seldom uses her central heating unless it is really very cold.

Personally, I was so impressed with what I saw that I am definitely going to discuss it with my husband and I think we will certainly be buying at least a couple of panel heaters for our home. We live in a third-floor flat, which really needs little heating as the heat from the surrounding flats ensures that we are never very cold, and we only use one of the two bedrooms; with the other only used for guests, so I really feel that panel heaters may be the answer for us and I am looking forward to seeing them in place.

So to summarise, panel heaters are cost-effective, they take up hardly any room and they look great. Panel heaters are an ideal solution for almost any type of housing – so place a panel heater behind your favourite chair or sofa and you will create a very cosy space for yourself.